Animal Distance Healing

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Distance Healing for animals

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Welcome to improving your pets health with BodyTalk. You will most likely find astounding differences in your pet after a distance session. Katrin has worked with behavioural changes such as anxieties in dog and horses as well as physcial challenges such as injuries, back pain, asthma and heart issues.
 Most clients notice the shifts to improved health in their pets immediately. Distance sessions can be effectively performed from any distance, whether one is across the city, or in a different country. Animals are particularly receptive to expressing the shifts by demonstrating an increased and visible sense of well being.


While one is encouraged to make regular visits to the vetinarian, Katrin's experience has shown remarkable changes in the dogs, cats and horses that she has worked with. Katrin also has training in animal communication and uses this tool as necessary.Remote or distance sessions have been done for centuries and have a sound scientific basis on the findings of quantum physics of the last century. Katrin uses specific meditative techniques like Mindscape and Silva UltraMind to perform a personal Bodytalk session according to the precise needs your pet or any animal.