Relax quietly for about 25 minutes at the appointment time.

Katrin will contact you usually within 2 days by phone to tell you details of your specific BodyTalk links and findings and may email you additional suggestions regarding your health that came up as a priority. They may involve recommendations for homeopathic remedies, flower essences, minerals, vitamins or other food supplements.


Most clients notice the shifts to improved health immediately. Distance sessions can be effectively performed from any distance, whether one is across the city, or in a different country. Animals and children are particularly receptive to expressing the shifts by demonstrating an increased and visible sense of well being.


Persons who have undergone surgery or major trauma and who are hospitalized and/or in intensive care units have shown dramatic improvement. A high percentage of clients on respirators and reduced organ function showed lasting and often very surprising improvement.



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Distance Healing for individuals


What Do I Do During the Session?

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Distance Healing