What Happens in an office assessment and treatment?

After taking your health history and assessing your personal needs, Katrin will establish the focus of the  health treatment with you.

Commonly BodyTalk, acupuncture, flower essences and other natural remedies are combined to address your whole body-mind-spirit. At times therapeutic touch, cranial techniques or an energy reconnection may be the treatments of choice.


Most clients opt for acupuncture and other modlalites which often involves taking off some clothing that prohibit the placement of needles. You will at all times be covered and resting on a comfortable treatment table. After applying BodyTalk links, acupuncture and maybe some helpful natural remedies you are encouraged to relax for some time.

You may receive a soothing warmth treatment with a FIR (far-infra-red) light or gentle acupuncture stimulation.

Katrin ensures that you are comfortable and at ease at all times and it is up to you to decide which modalities you want to receive.


Some clients opt for BodyTalk only or may want needlefree acupuncture.


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Office Session

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Improved insurance coverage for acupuncture and acupuncture is now income tax deductable in Ontario  R.Ac. # 1921